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Well hello there! My name is Jen Shaw. I’m a mum to 7 crazy kids (8 if we include my fussy husband). I also like to create and cook some pretty yummy real food and help families along their way to a healthier happier life.From the moment I could grip a potato peeler, mum had me in the kitchen helping prepare meals. I used to grumble then, but boy am I thankful now.

After living the first 23 years of life fighting depression and anxiety, a wonky thyroid and forever feeling like I was in recovery mode. I accidently stumbled across this crazy idea that the food we eat, and the way we live had a huge impact on our health and happiness. Crazy right? I’ve been recreating old family favourite recipes and creating some brand new ones and basically getting pretty pumped about real food ever since!Through a journey that began exploring food for my husband’s professional sport came an awakening of passion for real food and an even greater passion to help other people achieve better health and find their ‘happy’.

As far as my food philosophy goes, I like to eat food that makes me feel good and I stay away from anything that makes me feel yucky. You won’t find what I ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ eat on any regulated lists by secret food clubs or in a magazine with the latest food trends. Love is the missing ingredient from so much of our modern food. I believe with a little bit of mess and a whole lot of love, anything created in our kitchens can provide nourishment and satisfaction.

I’m a pretty big believer in finding your own feet when it comes to food and health so I won’t pretend to be a nutritionist, a doctor or even an expert of any kind. I’m a health motivating, ‘keep-it-real’ kinda mum and I’m here to provide you with resources, inspiration and a promise to always support you along the way in your own real food journey and happy life adventure!


Progress not perfection

Jen xx

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A few interesting bits & pieces about me

  • I demonstrated some delicious paleo dishes at the Ergon Energy Flower, Food & Wine Festival in Toowoomba with James Reeson in 2014
  • Chef Pete Evans trusted ME to feed him some of my delicious catering on his Paleo Way tour to Toowoomba in 2014
  • I’ve toured South East Qld hosting real food workshops for local libraries and communities which are always a ton of fun!
  • I established a pretty cool pre-made meal and catering service that was both allergy friendly AND delicious right here in Toowoomba
  • I’m extremely passionate about helping people find their passion and purpose, turning their desire to create change into a reality.
  • I’ve spoken at some pretty cool events about real food, combatting depression and being a mum and a woman in business.

If you are an authentic business, brand or any other organisation that fits with my vision of inspiring, motivating and educating people back to good health and real food and wish to work with me professionally please get in touch.

For speaker and workshop enquiries please get in touch with me below or email jen@emergecafe.com.au

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