AIP friendly Chicken Pad Thai

Our Auto Immune Protocol Journey and an AIP friendly Chicken Pad Thai

It’s the end of day two of the Auto Immune Protocol for us. It’s something ive been thinking about doing for awhile to both reset the shenanigans a-happening in my body since my diabetic and wonky thyroid pregnancy and to help my 2 year old Chasely and her ever growing list of intolerances and reactions since her Stevens Johnsons Syndrome incident a few years ago.

It feels like whenever I ask a health professional in search for  for answers to weird symptoms and reactions i’m shrugged off with a prescription for pain medication and an eye roll at the suggestion that it could have something to do with our food intake, as if food could not even possibly be connected with poor health… (insert major eye roll here)

I’m tired of people rolling their eyes when I suggest a food change……I’m tired of being handed something to mask a symptom..

Since I started this food journey a few years ago, and started to really touch base with the way food impacted not just my physical health but my mental health it’s always the first place I go in the search for something better.

It’s my personality to want to know more about things, always in search of more truth. I’m a big believer in the whys and hows and I always always need to connect the dots. So maybe this new journey won’t answer anything for us but maybe just maybe it will. At the very least it will be food creation challenge for me, and boy oh boy do I love a food creation challenge.

If you want to follow our journey through the next 30 days of AIP, where I am positive there will be many high’s, lows and ah-huhs! then subscribe to the blog, check me out on Facebook or of course on Instagram where I like to share all my meals, which will either annoy you or inspire you!

Keeping with the #livingonlittle theme I wanted to use up a chicken breast I had in the fridge today, and so this little Pad Thai was born. It’s a take on the Macadamia Pad Thai from my Living on Little Cook Book, but of course without the nuts, honey and alas the eggs! (I told you it’s a food creation challenge)


Auto Immune Protocol Friendly Chicken Pad Thai

Serves 2

What you need

1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger

1- grated garlic cloves

1-2 diced spring onions

1 chicken breast sliced thin

1 grated carrot(or noodled if you like)

3 diced brocollini (stems included)


2 tablespoons of coconut amino sauce

A splash of sugar free fish sauce

The juice from 1 lime

1/4 cup of coconut milk

What to do

Heat some coconut oil in a pan, fry spring onion, ginger and garlic for a few minutes.

Add chicken and cook until brown.

Add carrot and brocollini and mix through with chicken and ginger mix.

In a small bowl mix together sauce ingredients and then add to chicken mix.

Stir through while cooking for a few minutes, remove and enjoy xo

NOTES: I didnt have a zucchini but I think a grated or noodled zucchini would have been a beautiful addition!


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