Easy meal prep for healthy breakfast success

Easy meal prep for healthy breakfast success


We have been talking a little bit about breakfast lately in the Living on Little chat group, and it seems that breakfast continues to be a tricky challenge for most people. I get it, the morning is not always my friend either. I’m generally dragging myself out of a warm snuggly bed to start my battle of lost socks, forgotten homework and “hurry up I need to get to school to play soccer” dialogues. Meal prepping has become a VITAL part of my real food journey & ensures we are organised, eating well and saving money.

Cooking a gourmet breakfast is probably not going to happen in everyday households but that doesnt mean you have to settle for vegemite toast or sugar laden cereals every morning!

I wanted to share with you a few meal prep ideas I use to make sure that the kids & I get fed something nutritious, delicious and affordable every-day  most of the time. You can find more real food on a budget ideas, recipes and practical resources in my August 31 days of real food on a budget e-course .

Last night’s leftover’s are tomorrows best friend

Between 7 kids there are ALWAYS left overs from the night before & I like to waste NOTHING. Even if it’s as simple as the mashed sweet potato and a few carrots, save them in a bowl ready to fry up as some bubble & squeak in the morning they will be cooked by the time you have found that lost sock!

Our favourite left over breakfast has simply got to be a sweet potato and beef fritter. We usually chop up the left over meat into small pieces while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner grate the potato, dice some onion and store it in the fridge overnight ready to whip together in the morning, there is simply no reason that you can’t make the entire thing while packing up the kitchen before bed and re-heat or eat cold on your way to work! The kids even love these in their lunch box!

Beef fritter-1

Beef & Sweet Potato Fritter from the Living on Little Cook Book

2 cups of roughly chopped roast beef
1 small grated sweet potato
1 small diced brown onion
2 tablespoons of coconut flour
2-3 eggs
Salt & pepper to taste

In a bowl combine all ingredients together. Heat some coconut oil in a large frying pan. Form small balls out of the mix in your hands and fry either side for a few minutes.


Make your own breakfast cereal

I think the thing that attracts us all to breakfast cereals is how easy it is to grab, pour and eat. With virtually no prep required they appeal perfectly to anyone who needs to get ready and out the door in the morning in a hurry, the problem is starting your day with a bowl of sugar, fortified minerals and other weird stuff might not be the best kick start for a productive, focused and healthy day. I found myself reading THIS article in the dentist van last week and even I was completely shocked at how much sugar is in most cereal boxes!

easy meal prep breakfast

I have a gorgeous granola that makes a pretty good step down from boxed cereals that allows you to control how much sugar goes in. The best part? You can make this really quickly, store it and grab it just as fast a box of cereal any morning!

You might also like to try THIS little gluten free number from my friend Sonia at Natural New Age Mum to put together something a lot better than what you will find on the supermarket shelves.


Egg dishes, egg dishes oh and did I mention egg dishes? 

Probably one of my biggest go to’s for an easy meal prep brekky is a lovely egg dish. We have 7 cheeky chooks so quality fresh eggs are always in abundance here. What I love the most is that it takes only a small amount of time to prepare an egg muffin or a frittata with or after dinner and quickly reheat the next morning (or eat cold on the run if you are in a super dooper big rush)

Easy egg muffins are a household favourite at our place closely followed by a roast veggie frittata which we occassionally throw in whatever left over meat we have had that night as well.

easy meal prep breakfast

Roast vegetable frittata

What you need

6-8 eggs

2 cups of roast vegetables cut into 5cm pieces. (I love using up the leftovers)

1 small diced brown onion

1 cup of diced bacon (or left over meat)

2 tablespoons of milk of choice

A good crunch of salt & pepper

A handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half to place on top

Grated cheese (optional)

What to do

In a bowl mix together all the ingredients until well combined.

Line a loaf tray with baking paper.

Add egg mix in the tray and place cheese and cherry tomatoes on the top if using.

Bake on 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until the middle is firm.

Chop & store for a quick fry

One of my favourite easy meal prep breakfasts of all time is a sweet potato, bacon & apple hash not only because it’s delicious but it’s perfect to chop and store in a bowl the night before. If you are going to cook a meat and veggie brekky of a morning, it just makes sense to lessen the load in the morning by being prepared. Cut and peel veggies in some water overnight, so that you can simply drain and fry when you get up, or better yet cook the entire dish the night before and a quick toss over the pan will only serve as a reheat that you can enjoy quickly before starting your day!

I’d love to hear your meal prep ideas for making breakfast run smoothly. Share it with us in the Living on Little chat group, post  to my facebook page or pop your ideas below! 

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