5 Tips To Meal Planning Success + A GIVEAWAY!

This year I have been talking a lot about making real food easy and through that have come to find that the biggest barriers people face is the cost, organisation and overwhelm of healthy whole foods and family meal creation.So I wanted to share some meal planning tips with you and announce something pretty awesome we now have available in the Barefoot shop

After the release of the cook book and the launch of the living on little program I’ve really been focusing in on how else I can help families get back to real food without breaking the budget and so I went back to the feedback we received after the first run of Living On Little. One thing was clear everyone LOVED the meal planning support they received and so I decided to whip up something jazzy and pop them onto 50 sheet notepads that would help keep people motivated and connected to the living on little tribe.


I truly believe that being organised, planning your meals ahead and being armed with a plan in your shopping trip saves you both money and helps you and your family eat better. I put together these tips to help make the most of your meal planners and to help inspire an organised and cheaper approach to your shopping!

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What’s on for the week?

Make sure to plan meals accordingly for social and sport commitments. Look for easy meals of meals that can be pre-prepared for days where you are busy. Don’t plan to create Gordan Ramsay’s latest gourmet turkey breast on the evening you are getting home at 7.00pm after soccer training Use those nights to plan out something you have pre-prepared or something super dooper easy.

Never meal plan on an empty stomach

When we try to meal plan or go shopping on an empty stomach our “hungry” does the talking. We plan for and shop for some delicious stuff that is probably not practical or affordable. Make sure when you sit down to write your meal plan you have had something to eat so that you are bringing your brain with you.

Plan for an 8th meal wherever possible

I like to plan an 8th meal whenever I can. It helps during times when money is tight or i’m unable to stick with my meal planning and shopping cycle. There is comfot in knowing you have a few meals hidden in your freezer from being organised.

Check what needs using in your pantry and freezer first.

I like to take a good look through the stores in my freezer and pantry and see what needs using first for the week. This is especially true if i’m having a tight week financially. Buying in bulk and planning for an 8th meal when things are a little better with money make it easier.

Be realistic

Sometimes in store or in planning we try to keep the food budget down by not including what we believe are non essential items. (chocolate usually) and while I’m a big advocate of eating healthy. I also know that a dash to the local corner store on a Friday night to grab a chocolate might result in a binge of other not so good items and cost you more at the till! If you enjoy a small chocolate every week make it a part of your plan. You won’t feel like you are missing out and youll spend less for it buying it from the supermarket.






To celebrate the launch of the meal planners I’m giving away 2 x living on little celebration packs! 


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Good Luck!


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