Sweet Potato, Bacon & Apple Hash


This might possibly be one of the most popular recipes in the entire Barefoot Kitchens community! An easy, affordable and delicious breakfast option that the entire family will love!


What you need

1 sweet potato diced into small cubes.

1⁄2- 1 cup of diced bacon.

 1 green apple, diced.

1 small diced onion (optional)

Good frying oil (butter, coconut oil, lard)

What to do

Prepare ingredients and place in a bowl. Make sure your sweet potato pieces are nice and small so they cook evenly with apple. (The apple will cook a lot faster so if your sweet potato pieces are big cook sweet potato on it’s own for a few minutes before adding apple)

Heat oil in a pan and fry ingredients, keeping an eye that nothing burns.

Remove and serve with a freshly cooked egg or on it’s own



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